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'marc brickman, I have your name and beside it is the word 'RISK'. Is this true?'

When Pepo Sol, CEO of Ogilvy Mather and Executive Producer of the Barcelona Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies was looking for a lighting designer, he opened his call to Marc with this intriguing query.  The rumor was admittedly true, not for projects that didn't work, but for their cutting edge and bold attempts to push the creative envelope in live entertainment. brickman is unapologetic for his drive to explore the new, the never been done and even the 'can’t be done.' 'The only time something can't be done,' he says, 'is if you don't try to do it.'

marc's groundbreaking work as an artist, director, producer, and lighting designer has reached audiences of millions world-wide. marc's work includes spectacles for Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, The Barcelona and Nagano Olympics Ceremonies, Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, and Bruce Springsteen among hundreds of others.

In 2012 Anthony Malkin, chairman, president and CEO of Empire State Realty Trust tapped brickman to re-imagine the lighting of the Empire State Building. Since then marc's work with The Empire State Building has transcended definition.

brickman made his Broadway debut in 2007 with Young Frankenstein. marc co-directed and co-produced, Once Upon A Dream starring The Rascals which completed a sold out Broadway run.

Technological innovations over the last 50 years include: First use of moving video screens (Genesis 1992), implementation of the world’s most powerful copper-vapor lasers (Pink Floyd 1994), first designer to assemble a team of programmers who specialized in control of their respective called the production desk (Pink Floyd 1987), patents on a smoke curtain (for Steven Spielberg’s A.I.), an audio sync app (used at Empire State Building, Vulcan Statue, Noor Riyadh), and an inflatable touring venue/soundstage, as well as revolutionary changes in computerized lighting control and fixture automation.

In recent years, marc’s experience and vision have coalesced in his fine art practice. A true creative polymath, marc’s media of choice include oil, acrylics , drones, colored pencils, LEDs, and lasers.  marc’s drone-based light art installation at the Noor Riyadh festival drew global accolades and set a Guinness World Record. His work is sought out by art collectors world-wide. Tactical Manoeuvre, formed in 2010, is marc’s design and artist collective.